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Live in St. Petersburg 2011, check out more pictures by Alena Hvatova
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i’m sorry if my involvement in fashion fluff comes across as ‘stupid’ but what 99percent of the people here don’t realise is that i have limited options for promotion . Mojo and Q weren’t banging on my door demanding interviews and cover-features, if they had been i probably wouldn’t be writing this post. the fact is i have invested personal money into the making of a record for which i need to see a financial return. sorry to burst the romantic image but contradictory to most people’s hazy suppositions i don’t live in a chateau with fleets of staff feeding me grapes and wiping my arse and wads of fifty pound notes to use as post-it notes. i have a family to feed and making records and SELLING them is the only way i know how to do that.  —banderson (via chekhonte)

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#the tears of suburbia drowned the land INTRODUCING THE BAND #we are the pigs we are the swine #PORNOGRAPHIC AND TRAGIC IN BLACK AND WHITE #we’ll be the wild oneeees running with the dogs today #with dreams of gasoline drying our eyesss #although i’m just the common breed #like all the boys in all the cities i take the poison take the pity #fame ain’t as easy as him #the snow might fall and write the lines on the silent page but you’re outside making permanent love to the nuclear age #idc for the UK tonight so staaay #sometimes we ride in a taxi to the ends of the city like big stars in the back seat like skeletons ever so pretty #BUT IT’S STILL STILL LIFE #favourite  —


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HB… Mat Osman!!
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You are now 44 years old. Here’s a picture of you from nearly half your life ago.
May you continue to get cooler with every year.
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